Conlang Directory: Personal

Simple, regular langauge based on germanic langauges, spoken in the fictional utopian nation of Alphistia. [Tony Skaggs]
Agglutinative language with pretty vertical script that looks like Mongolian. [iisem]
An esperanto-like combination of Latin, Greek, German, and other natlangs. Started as a creation for a role-playing game, the creator uses it personally for thought and for rituals.
Agglutinative language made to resemble Celtic, with such realistic features as a proto-language (Vle), vowel harmony, and irregular verbs. A pretty extensive dictionary is online. [Elmo G]
The author gradually invented and evolved his language, starting as a joke to annoy people on a newsgroup. But the language itself isn't really silly; it looks like a usable language. [Roger Espel Llima]
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