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Tolkien's Languages
J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, etc. was also a conlang fanatic, and developed several langauges for Elves and other races in his novels. See here for some technical articles. Another place to look: Tolkien language list home page. The Yamada language institute has collected together some Tolkien fonts. Another source of Elvish languages: Lisa McBriety's pages
The IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is a universal way of writing down the sounds of languages. Unfortunately it's hard to use over the internet because you need a special set of characters. This is a way of transcribing the IPA into ASCII.
Babel Text
Jeffrey Henning is trying to collect the Babel text (Genesis 11:1-9), in as many constructed and natural languages as possible. [archivist: Jeffrey Henning]
Some books about various planned languages
Conlang Yellow Pages
Constructed Languages Yellow Pages. [Joshua Shinavier]
Bruce Gilson's Language Page
Information about Novial and Voksigid
Rick Harrison's Artificial Language Lab
Really well-done. Check out the cool alphabets.
Richard Kennaway's conlang page
Sami Laitala's conlang page
Language futures Europe
Excellent source of articles and information about all different viewpoints relating to the question of what Europe should do about its many languages. Also some information about US monolingualism.
Language Page
This has pointers to information about lots of human languages, natural and invented.
Herman Miller's Languages
Model Languages
Jeffrey Henning's model language home page; has a bunch of articles about language-building. There is a very complete index here of conlangs on the web.
Other Tongues
Conlang FTP site sponsored by an Esperanto organization
Compuserve Interlingua info
There are several data files about Interlingua in the "others" section of CompuServe's foreign language forum (GO FLEFO).
Conlang Mailing List
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Tolkien Language Mailing List
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