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Basic English
A proper subset of English, with all but 850 words removed. A good idea in theory -- it would be easy to learn this subset of English, and it would be a good first step towards learning the whole language. However it uses idioms, homonyms, and phrasal verbs extensively -- for example it might use "put up with" to mean "tolerate". So it's not as much a simplification of natural English as it would appear. Not to be confused with Special English (see below)
"The gutteral utteral rhyming language". Invented for the purpose of being fun to pronounce; it uses rhymes a lot in its grammar; has little vocabulary of its own; and it appears to be basically a complicated code for English, like Pig Latin from Hell.
Earth Minimal
An attempt to create a small (200 word vocab) but adequate auxilliary language. Reminds me of Speedwords in that there are a small (smaller!) number of very short words, and a simple, regular grammar for connecting them. Complete reference online.
It's called Eklektu because it borrows words from lots of languages. There are also some lessons. [Herman Miller]
Iconic language being developed at Stavanger University in Norway.
Ilianore is inspired by Old English, and uses its alphabet. It is a "naturalistic", conlang in the sense that it has an invented etymology, and deliberate irregularities. Several translations of Old English poetry are included.
. [Julian Morrison]
. [archivist: Jeffrey Henning]
. [Sally Caves]
. [Bruce V. Bracken]
. [Spence]
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